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Serving the humanity without any expectations is 'The Service to God' And to  serve humanity is not just a tendency or joy but an ACTUAL BLISS

Our Mission

Our Mission

AnandAshram - building 1 AnandAshram - Prashanthi AnandAshram - Building 2

(Old Age Home)
(Pain & Palliative Care Home)
Jeevan Sandhya
(Old Age Home)

"What fun is there to live one's own self centered life for nothing?
One lives his worthy life when he lives for others".

Old Age Mission

In our good old days, the children used to adore their parents and look after them with love and reverence. But in present days, most of the old people, when they become non earning members of the family or sick or really invalid are neglected and sometimes thrown out of their houses even. They become burden to their own children who forget about the good things and sacrifices of their parents towards bringing them up and settling them in their life. Nobody is bothered to know what these old people actually require in the eves of their lives. Apart from the basic needs like shelter, food etc. It is the love, affection, and a few words of caress that these people expect from their children, which are totally lacking in most of the families whether rich or poor in our modern society.

Mainly due to the influence of external forces on our way of living and thinking and also due to internal family politics, loosening of the family ties has become inevitable in our modern society. The brunt of the situation is faced by the old people who come from low and medium socio-economic status. Therefore, Old Age Homes are not a fancy but the dire necessities in our modern and society, at present and more so in future.

Keeping all this in mind our Anandashram Seva Trust came into existence and started Old Age Homes with 'Vanaprastha' and 'Jeevan Sandhya' schemes to look after the aged people who come under its shelter, with love, affection, reverence and comforts. It is our wish that these aged people should live happily and peacefully in the eves of their lives.

With "Help the Aged" as our main motto, Anandashram Seva Trust also does social service in the fields such as the following:

Rural Health and Development
This scheme aims at total social upliftment by facilitating Primary Education, like Anandashram Nursery, drinking water, nutrition, medical care, vocational training, promoting home industry etc.

Smile-a-While - Home for the terminally ill cancer patients. (Hospice) - "Prashanthi"

"Adhar" - Home nurse training centre.

AnandAshram - Adhar AnandAshram - Adhar AnandAshram - Adhar

Chaithanya - A scheme to rehabilitate the physically disabled and mentally retarded children.

Free Eye Camps are given more importance. Such camps are really so useful and helpful to the poor people of our society. It has been found out that because of the poverty, the village people were not able to purchase the spectacles neither they can afford to spend the money for travelling to the near eye specialist and pay his fees or for going to the Govt Hospital. Hence such camps are very useful.

AnandAshram - Free Eye Camp AnandAshram - Free Eye Camp

Every month two or three free eye camps are conducted in rural areas with the co-operation of District Blindness Control Society & the District Hospital, Mangalore. Cataract operations will be conducted in district Hospital with IOL implantation free of cost and free spectacles are distributed to the poor people with defective eyesight after the refraction.

"DRISTI" a new programme for school children, started in March 2014. Under this school children from various schools from rural areas are screened for sight defect or any major problems also and given suitable spectacles or right advice & treatment.

AnandAshram - Drishti AnandAshram - Drishti AnandAshram - Drishti

Hospice "Prashanthi" a Pain & Palliative Care Home - started in 2006. There are hardly any palliative care centers in our area running on purely charity basis like ours. Our Prashanthi tries to give them maximum comforts by relieving the pain and the unpleasant symptoms and make their life easier to live until the inevitable hour comes. Apart from this, our intention is to prepare them to face the ultimate destiny boldly and peacefully by giving them counseling. We treat the patient as a whole entity and not the symptoms of the disease only. It is absolutely free, and no charges are collected at all.

"Adhar" - Home Nurse Training Centre started in 2003. The girls from very poor families of our society are given free training with boarding & lodging for six months in Nursing Homes and are given jobs in our society to look after the old or the disabled patients in their own home surroundings, thus making the home services available to the needy and as well to get the girls the employment. More than 30 girls are working under "Adhar"

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