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AnandAshram Seva Trust

Old Age Homes


Vanaprasthashram is such a beautiful and blissful way of life where people without breaking the ties of their small family, stay aloof and away from them and conduct their duty towards a larger family i.e. the Society, along with self-salvation.

Men and women, those who need such an opportunity to spend the rest of their life meaningfully and be useful to the Society, will have a place in our institution.

Under this scheme, the senior citizens are provided self-contained rooms either with Single Occupancy or Double Occupancy. They have to pay Rs. 2,00,000/- for single and Rs. 4,00,000/- for the double, as deposit, which ever the case may be. This deposit will be treated as refundable interest free deposit. If the resident wants to leave the home permanently, then the refundable amount will be returned to him/her after deducting, at the rate of 10% per year of his/ her stay. And in both cases each has to remit Rs. 25,000/- as donation on their behalf to the Trust on admission.

Further, each resident has to pay around Rs.4,500/- per month towards food and common services. All other personal expenses will be borne by the residents themselves. Home nurse services are also available (paid) in Vanaprastha for bed ridden cases.

Jeevan Sandhya

This is a scheme to help the persons who have become old and have no relatives to look after them. The aim of the scheme is to provide lodging, boarding, medical aid along with love and respect to the helpless aged people discarded or deserted by their own kith and kin. Under this scheme, old people will stay "Free of Cost" at Anandashram.

Facilities at Anandashram

  • Boarding and Lodging.
  • Nutritious and easily digestible food.
  • Regular Bhajan & Dhyan sessions.
  • Compulsory light exercises and Pranayama
  • Indoor games like Carom, Chennemane and Chess etc.
  • A good library with good spiritual books both in Kannada, English & Hindi.
  • Beautiful up-coming garden and land-scaping.
  • Regular Medical check ups.
  • Benefits of periodic Satsanghas and Cultural programmes.
  • A Full-fledged Physiotherapy unit with an experienced Physiotherapist. This unit was started in September, 2015.

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